Care For Items

At Project2000, we pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry. With proper care, your items can last for years. The specific metal used for each piece is stated in the product description. To help preserve your items we suggest following these steps.
  1. Keep away from solution: Silver tarnishes when it is in contact with salty solutions or chemicals. It is very important to keep your jewelry away from salt water or any chemical solutions.
  2. Last to put on, first to take off: In an effort to prevent possible contact with chemicals, it is recommended to place jewelry on last after the application of make-up or perfume. Your jewelry should also be taken off before showering or any water activities. 
  3. Store in provided jewelry box: Our jewelry boxes filled with cotton provides you with a clean and dry place to store your pieces. Storing jewelry separate from your other items is important as it prevents them from tangling and potentially scratching each other. 




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